August 2016

Beet Deviled Eggs (GF, DF, Vegetarian, Paleo)

thefitforkfeed - August 26, 2016

Hi friends! How are you?  I’ve been frantically getting things ready for my son to go back to school this week so things have been a little nuts around here.  I’m finally back in my routine of exercising after 3 weeks of wine, cocktails, summer vacations and indulging.  Speaking of indulging, my friend had a party last weekend to celebrate (or grieve, whichever you are …

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Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie (GF, DF, Nut Free, Refined Sugar Free)

thefitforkfeed - August 10, 2016

It was about a month ago when I saw the lovely Monique from Ambitious Kitchen’s Chickpea Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies.  It was one of those recipes that stuck with me, in particular the dreamy photos of melty chocolate, fluffy perfectly shaped crispy edged cookies, with little sprinkles of flaked sea salt on them. I knew I had to make them and last week I finally had …

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